sibling rivalry

>> Monday, March 31, 2008

coming home from church yesterday...

Kaleb: It's mine...give it to me!

Barrett: NO!



Daddy: (In his best grumpy voice) WHAT is going on back there?

Barrett: WAAAAAHHHHHH! Kaleb BIT me!

Daddy: KALEB! Did you bite Barrett?

Kaleb: (starting to cry...frantic voice...knows trouble is coming his way). No, no, Daddy, listen! I was just sitting here and all of the sudden my teeth just flew into his fingers!

Daddy: Uh-huh.

Mommy: (giggling...quietly)

So, I don't know if teeth just fly into fingers at your house, but I guess that's how sibling contention goes around here. Luckily, Kaleb and Barrett are best friends and the fights are few and far between.

Wow...I am BEHIND on pictures...haven't posted any pictures here from my trip to Las Vegas yet, and haven't uploaded my Easter pictures. Well, I am taking the easy way trip was wonderful...if you want to see my pics, visit my photo blog...HERE. I will post pictures of Easter soon.

Have a great day!


pink sucks

>> Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter (from a household of boys and one mommy who is alone in her love for pink)!

We decorated eggs today and I asked the boys why no one was putting an egg in the pink dye water. I explained that pink is not just a girl color on's an everyone color on Easter. Barrett decided to try it out, but obviously regretted his decision, because when it was time to decorate the eggs with stickers, this is how the pink egg ended up. He just couldn't handle having a pink egg in his he covered it up.


it's a miracle

>> Saturday, March 15, 2008 baby crawls! I'm at peace...he will be able to read now (who started that rumor anyway). 11 months and just barely crawling...oh well...better late than never...

Do you remember my posts just two posts ago about him army crawling, scooting, and rolling to get to where he wants to go? NO MORE...he started crawling two days ago. I wish he weren't mobile...I liked him stuck in one place.

Ok...I am leaving town from Sunday to Wednesday for a photography convention in Las Vegas...YIPEE!!! So, unless by some miracle Travis decides to post, I will catch up with you all later next week!

free polls



>> Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meet my friend, Joy. She lives in Arizona, and of course, I live in Michigan. The following is an excerpt from a recent phone conversation.

Jean: Blah, blah, blah, blah (insert useless girl talk here). You know, that would be so much fun to get together!

Joy: Yeah it would. Let's do it! What are you doing this weekend?

Jean: Nothing, wanna come over and play?

Joy: Sure, I'll see you on Friday!!!

Ok, so the conversation wasn't EXACTLY like that, but pretty much. My point is that Joy gets to fly for free and can therefore pick up and go whenever she would like (can you feel my jealousy seeping through). Although I don't have the same luxury, at least I got to benefit from her luckiness because she came to visit us this weekend! great was it to have another girl around?!?! We talked a lot, photographed a lot, ate a lot, shopped a little, and slept very little. It was so much fun!!! Thanks for coming to hang out with us!

Sidenote: To all you future visitors (we love visitors), don't listen to Joy's description of the horrid, cold weather blessing our great state of Michigan...I told her not to come in March...her fault.

And of course, since I can't post without a picture (or ten), here are some pics from our weekend.

Kaleb and Barrett were with us, but they sacrificed face time to photograph the adults. Sniff...I'm so proud of my budding little photographers. Look how centered the picture is.

This is Joy's beautiful little one, Sarah. Look how sweet and nice she performed for me and then scroll down to see what I got from Isaac...


when kids are naughty

>> Monday, March 03, 2008

I don't know about you, but this is what happens when kids are naughty around our house...they get locked up or thrown under the table.

Or...maybe a better explanation is that I am not an abusive parent and lately Isaac keeps cramming himself into corners and crevices all over the house. He is 10 1/2 months old and STILL not crawling. But, I swear, if that kid wants to get somewhere, he manages with a combination of bum scooting, rolling, and army crawling. We're pretty sure he's just going to skip the crawling bit...oh well...who needs it anyway?


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