hp obsessed???

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

no, you computer geeks, i am not talking about hewlett packard. i am talking about none other than HARRY POTTER. now, i admit that i was an avid harry potter reader (as was travis) and couldn't wait until the next book came out. but, once i read the series, i was satisified and figured i might get to it again in ten years or so (i'm not much of a second time movie or book person).

but kaleb takes the love of harry potter to a whole new level. he has always been an excellent reader and we tried to convince him for a while to read the books. he finally took us up on it and he read all seven books in about a month. right after he finished, he started the series again and finished them in two weeks.

i thought FOR SURE after round two that he was done, but he immediately picked up book one again and started the series AGAIN! so, now he is on book three for the third time. what the?!?!? and to top it off, he walks around casting memorized spells from the books.

should i be worried that my kid is normal or are there others this obsessed with harry potter...haha!


a rare moment

>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

here we have a rare moment and a break-your-heart-moment.

the rare moment is the picture of me and all three of my boys on easter day. this rarely happens as i'm the one always behind the camera...

...and i admit it...also because i don't like to get in front of the camera when i am so severely inflicted with the 32-weeks-pregnant-and-chubby-all-over syndrome.

and the break your heart moment (well, at least break mommy's heart), comes to us as we were preparing for easter sunday by giving barrrett and isaac a hair cut...

i'm not really loving this, but i'm ok...

kinda bugged, but i'm still ok...

daddy thinks it is cute to turn me around and show me in the mirror that all of my hair is gone and now i am heartbroken he cut off my white locks of lusciousness.
i am still just downright mad.
i'm so mad, i'm just going to keep crying until this horrid moment is over.
hope everyone had a fabulous easter!!!


blogs to books

>> Friday, April 10, 2009

so my friend britnee told me about this great site called blurb.com where you can turn your blogs into books. so, i went on and made a 2006 and 2007 book (currently working on 2008), and realized what a priceless things blogs are.

i know a lot of people consider blogs their "online journals," and i have never felt that to be the case for me since i have journals for myself and each of the boys. well, i came to the sad conclusion that i have not written in my own journal for more than a year and it has been several months since writing in the boys. soooooo, to make a long story short, although i am not a wonder with words, my blog HAS become somewhat of a family journal for us.

so, i renew my commitment to update this bad boy once a week. i really want to. i am going to. most of the time.

HAPPY EASTER to everyone and have LOTS of chocolate this weekend (isaac did)!


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