>> Friday, February 13, 2009

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. yeah, that sounds about right. we took a short, spontaneous, wonderful vacation to cancun last week. we're still wannabe world travelers and take any opportunity we can to go on a vacation!

i already posted some pictures on my photography blog and you can see them HERE, but let's get to the good stuff that i don't talk about on that blog!

so, our equally spontaneous friends (from thunderbird), the sherwoods, live in mexico city and agreed to meet us in cancun with a week's notice! they rock! here we are...one big, happy family at the tulum ruins.

well, as we were making our way back through the jungle from the ruins, we happened upon this hideous monster (and he was HUGE).

travis squatted down with isaac in between his legs trying to get a good picture. all at once, the evil beast from he#! started charging travis and isaac at top speed (and those things run FAST). i started screaming for travis to pick up isaac, but my precious husband just kept trying to get a picture.

just as i thought isaac's toes would be gnawed off, it was apparent that the crazed lizard had seen isaac's binkie fall and went after the delicious morsel of food. he put it in his mouth (just like a baby does) and started running. i AGAIN started screaming for travis to GET THE BINKIE...IT'S THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE!!!!!!!!!!! travis reacts to his wife's panic and sprints after the hideous creature.

anyway, the lizard obviously realized the binkie wasn't food and dropped it. but, it was all too late to look casual and composed as we had just gathered a nice little crowd to witness our 28 seconds of smith craziness.

and yes, i WAS screaming.

screaming at the top of my lungs.

i didn't look at the crowd as i'm sure they were all suppressing manaical laughter as we walked away.

oh well. what's a smith vacation without something crazy happening?

first it was me almost drowning in the ocean in hawaii. now this. what's next you ask? well, you'll just have to stay tuned for the next smith vacation.


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