our happy day...or not

>> Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh, that's so cute...the boys are getting all bundled up to go play outside in the snow! Ummm...not so much...more like...gettting bundled because our house was 48 degrees...INSIDE!!! Yes, it was awful.

We had HORRID winds last night and I guess there were power outtages all over the place (hence, the no heat situation). So, school got cancelled (hmmm...that seems to happen a lot in Michigan) and we thought we would have a rockin day at home...just mom and the boys. Well, we were too cold to do anything, so we bundled up in our snow gear and snuggled in mommy and daddy's bed and read books until the power came on!

Here are some pics of the boys all bundled up and ready to play...er...legos with gloves on? Well, Isaac tried REALLY hard to play, but picking things up with covered hands proved to be a bit difficult...

hmmm...wanna stick that it my mouth...
that didn't work, maybe i can get this...
dang it...why can't i pick anything up?
poor kid gave up and went to bed...

Two other very important sidenotes...Happy Birthday Mom...love you! Also, I wanted to include this picture of President Hinckley, as it is one of my very favorites. My feelings are so sad yet so happy for him at the same time. He is perfection in my eyes and he will be greatly missed.


Happy 2008!

>> Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Woohoo! I am back to the blogging world! All right, not many words, just a little story of our awesome Christmas trip to Utah...

Our story begins with the traditional gingerbread houses the boys make with Grandma Liz every year. As you can see, they take this art very seriously.

Of course, we loved hanging out with everyone at our various family and friends Christmas parties and get togethers. Unfortunately, Jean didn't pull out her camera at most of these parties, but we did manage to find a few pictures taken along the way.

Sometime during these functions, Isaac managed to get lost in the wrapping paper and Travis somehow got a hold of the camera and took many pictures that I am sure he would proclaim is "self-art." I'm just pleased he managed to get the boys in a few of them.

Christmas day was fabulous and the boys were ecstatic that Santa somehow knew to find us in Utah. Travis spent the bulk of the day (7.5 hours in fact) figuring out how to solve his new challenge...the 5x5 rubiks cube. Oh, and yes, he did figure it out, if you were wondering.
Next, we headed off to our annual New Year's trip up to Island Park with our friends, the Dalpias', the Roylance's, and the Baker. We had so much fun and here are few pics to prove it.

Before the New Year's trip, and a little after as well, I found time to indulge in my favorite hobby, photography. Wow, I just realized red was a popular color for all four sessions...it looks so great with the snow! None of these guys have seen these yet, so I hope you likie!!!

Sadly, we did not get pictures of everyone and everything, but we love everyone back home will see you summer 2008! The End.


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