The First Few Days

>> Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hi! Our baby is finally here! Isaac Nathaniel Smith was born on Tuesday, April 17 (Happy Birthday to Sonali too). We went in to the hospital at 2 am to be induced. The labor was easy and smooth (thank goodness for epidurals) and Isaac was born at 12:45 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 7 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. I think he looks just like Travis...our friend, Holly, said it best when she thought he looked like a "mini Smitty."

He has been a little angel so far and we have all loved having such a sweet little baby around. The boys were so excited to see him and are very proud to be big brothers. Barrett thinks it is cool that he is a little brother AND a big brother. Here are some pictures of Isaac's first few days in the big world...

All candid kisses here! Kaleb and Barrett couldn't get enough of their new little brother. They just kept holding, kissing, and hugging him.

A good shot of his hair. We were so excited when he came out with a full set of blonde hair! We thought we would have all bald babies. The nurses kept coming in commenting on his hair. The nursery nurse told us they were in the nursery oogling over him because they very rarely see blonde babies with that much hair.

Whew! Mommy needs a nap!

Isaac's first bath...he screamed and screamed until we put his head under the warm water to rinse his hair and he just sat their so content. So cute!



>> Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Welcome back to anyone who may be reading this! We decided to start writing on our blog again after a long hiatus. I guess our life down here in Arizona hasn't been newsworthy enough to blog about! I figured with the coming of our baby and our big move to Michigan, we may have some news from time to time. Although we will still be in the country, I sometimes feel like we are moving as far as China again. We are so excited for our huge changes rapidly approaching, but we will still miss everyone here in Arizona and Utah so much!

Well, we just got back from a quick trip to San Diego last night. We decided to go on Friday and took off on Saturday! We went with our friends, the Heids, and spent Easter at Danny's parents home on Sunday and then we went to Legoland on Monday. As many of you know, our boys are OBSESSED with legos and we have been wanting to take them there for a long time. It worked out perfect that we could go while we only lived 5 hours away from San Diego. It was a super quick trip, but the boys LOVED it and didn't want to leave! Here are some pics from our trip. I saved the best for last...

Finding eggs on Easter morning

At the beach...what beach you ask? I have no idea, but all
I know is that I am in love with the beach and ocean!

The boys preparing to enter heaven

Ok, so I thought I would NEVER buy the pictures they take of people on roller coasters, but we easily forked out the $12.95 when we saw this picture of Barrett. This was his first real roller coaster ride, and as you can see, the poor kid didn't do so well on the big hill. We are NOT terrible parents who find humor in our kids' pain...he was fine after and wanted to go on more roller coasters. For those of you who know Barrett, you know you have NEVER seen a face like this on him! We laughed so hard and wanted to pass the funniness along.


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