does this happen at your house???

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

(time for isaac's nap)

has anyone seen isaac's blankets? i could have sworn i set them down by the stairs. anyone? anyone?

a few minutes later, i find this. yes, that is the garbage can. a tall one.

now, who in the world would stuff two blankets, two spatulas, six spoons, and a wisk in the garbage can? hmmm...i think i may have found out who done the deed...

GUILTY as charged.

this has been happening often around here. i remember the infatuation kaleb and barrett had with toilets, but garbage cans? better watch my wallet...or my camera...or pretty much everything.


i'm in love

>> Saturday, September 06, 2008

we just got back from washington dc over labor day and had so much fun! but until i get around to uploading our pics and postingt them, i just had to post this picture.

i am so in love with isaac i can hardly stand it. i was just telling travis how sad i was that i had no pictures of him and me. when we went to utah, heather mickey took our family pictures and i totally don't remember her taking this picture, but she sent it to me tonight and i wanted to cry (oops, maybe i did a little). anyway, just wanted to share...


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