>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

huh? what's that? you forgot i had a newborn? yeah, that's because i NEVER post any pictures! what kind of mother am i?!!? well, no fear, i'm finally getting around to it with some random pictures i took of my chubby pumpkin today...

i am SORRY, but he is freaking cute

he totally cracks me up when he is settling in for sleep. he grabs his blanket and pulls it up around his face and buries his head back and forth getting comfortable. i wanted to take some pictures while he was going through this very cute process.

oops, he spotted me

i'll sneak up here so he can't see me. dang it...little bugger found me again.
oh well, if the kid wants to perform for the camera...



>> Monday, September 21, 2009

ahhhh...our u2 trip to chicago was UH-MAZING. we went on a super fast 24 hour road trip last weekend with our two friends matt and james (thanks to matt for getting the tickets which were sold out in like .00001 seconds). i think we all have a crush on bono, who is truly the epitome of awesomeness. here is our trip in pictures...

on the road to chicago

at the gas station

at our favorite chicago restaurant, giordano's
walking to the u2 concert
more walking to the concert
waiting for the concert
during the concert
at our hotel room wired after the concert
at a speedway for the 25th time (the only gas station which carries diet mountain dew for james and matt)
on the way home
now that you have journeyed with us to chicago and back, you can only come to one of four realizations...

1. travis and jean are hot
2. travis and jean must be really vain
3. travis and jean had nothing better to do than take pictures of themselves
4. travis and jean took a lot of self portraits because the trip was so short and we didn't get to do much sight seeing (and we didn't have kids with us so what else are we going to take pictures of?!?!?)

if you answered #4, then you are correct. however, if you answered #1, that is acceptable as well.

oh wait, i have one more. and it happens to not be a self portrait of trav and's a self portrait of all four of us!


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