>> Friday, August 14, 2009

although i am in denial that i am old enough to have an eleven year anniversary, i am extremely grateful and feel ever so lucky that i get to share that anniversary each year with travis. we celebrated eleven years on the 12th and i just wanted to give a little love shout out to travis...LOVE YOU BABE and here's to the best eleven years EVER!!!

while we were out to dinner, travis pulled a little surprise out and i almost burst into tears. anyone who knows me even a little should know that i think U2 is the greatest band on the planet and travis bought us tickets! september 12th. chicago. u2. so excited i can hardly stand it!


smith haps

>> Wednesday, August 05, 2009

wow, has it already been almost eight weeks since beckham joined us in this crazy world? it's such a bittersweet thing...wanting him to stay tiny, yet at the same time wishing he would get older so he will sleep through the night!

here are a few happenings going on here as of late...

sometimes beckham is fussy and the only thing that calms him down is his swing. well, a couple of days ago i went over to check on him in his swing, and i found him decorated. not sure which little boy thought this was funny...

i made my first "event" outing with all four kids by myself this week. and i chose the zoo. really? the zoo? could i have chosen a more chaotic place? thank goodness the older boys were such a good help because between beckham crying most of the trip (found out he hates baby carriers) and isaac being terrified of every large animal, i was ready to call it an early day.

so, we discovered isaac's fear of all things large and hairy in the ape house. while the crowds were gathered around some other windows oohing and ahhing over the chimps, isaac chose a window where there was nothing to see. as he was looking outside, a huge gorilla suddenly bolted around the corner and stood two inches from the window and stared at isaac. he fell backward and screamed a blood curtling scream. as the crowds rushed over to see the gorilla, isaac continued to scream...apparently traumatized for life.

we moved on to the arctic tundra and saw the polar bear swimming above us and the screaming seen below. i got a mix of looks from other people that ranged from "oh wow, four boys" to "you poor thing" and even "shut him up because you are ruining my polar bear experience."

and last, we had beckham's blessing this last sunday. travis did an amazing job and i was a waterspout (translation: my eyes leaked all sacrament long). it was a great day, but so sad and weird that family couldn't be with us on a day like this.

i know, he's cute, huh?


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