some funnies

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

having four silly boys and one even sillier travis often leads to funny moments around our house. i wish i could remember or take pictures of everything, but alas, i only snag bits and pieces and must share them so others can giggle with me.

sooooo, you know that guy (or girl) that you hear about that drove away from the gas pump with the hose still attached to the car? you know how you laughed really hard and couldn't believe that really happens outside of a movie? well, I know you are all thinking that sounds like something that might happen to jean, but THIS time, it was TRAVIS. was travis. unfortunately i wasn't there, but i laughed heartily when he called and said, "don't laugh when i tell you what happened to me at the gas station today..."

oh, and it turns out that they now dummy-proof those hoses...they make them detachable for people like travis. it detaches without gas spraying everywhere and just snaps back on. huh.

oh, and that's not actually a picture of travis (we wish we owned a bmw), but had to add it for the visual effect.

second funny. our boys are always looking for ways to earn extra money. well, i guess they decided to forego the "earn" part. the other night, we happened upon this on their door...

loves to all!


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