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>> Monday, September 24, 2007

Ok, so this is a random blog entry, but no one around here knows Travis well enough yet to appreciate what a goof he is, so I had to share with those of you who do. Not sure if he will love it that I share his deep, dark secrets...

So, I am out working on the computer late the other night when I hear laughing in the next room (not a giggle or chuckle...full out laughter). So, I walk in there knowing that Travis has been asleep for about about an hour and a half. I walk in to see him with the biggest smile on his face that I have ever seen.
Me: Travis, what in the heck is so funny?
Travis: (opens eyes and still grinning)
Me: Why are you laughing?
Travis: (still smiling) Because your reward is a corndog (little giggle)
Me: "Huh?"
Travis: Yes, you deserve a corndog...but only if you jump over the pants (still smiling, he rolls over and goes to sleep).

It was one of those moments that I just laughed so hard and wish I had someone else there to make fun of him with me. Of course, he remembers nothing of the incident.

I just thought those of you who were in Europe or China with him and were subjected to his nighttime laughing, weeping, and proclamations of squishing grapes in his toes would like this. much fun to be married to him. Truly...never a dull moment!!!



>> Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Monday morning.
We are driving to school and it is a bit foggy that morning. We are driving up the street and come upon this sight. Kaleb practically jumps out of seat.
Kaleb: LOOK! It's's heaven! Mom, take a picture of heaven!
Me thinking: Ohhh, he's so precious...and lucky that I DO happen to have my camera here.
Kaleb: I want to be sucked up to heaven through that heaven portal!
Precious moment ruined. Oh well, there's heaven from a little boy's point of view.


Back to School

>> Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bitter sweet. That's what the first day of school is to me. A part of me wants to leap for joy, and another is sad my little buddies are headed off to the real world (without me there to protect them). I had a sad mommy moment when I thought Barrett would be terrified to go to kindergarten and cling to me for dear life. On the contrary, he didn't even want to hold my hand as he was cruising down the hall to put his backpack in his "cool new locker." Well, I guess we can chalk it off as a successful first day of school.

As I looked at these pictures on the computer, I seriously had to look twice...those aren't my little boys, those are grown up little men! What happened to my itty bitties?

I had to take a picture of Barrett's shoes. Travis has slowly been infiltrating our family with converse shoes...


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