lesson learned...but i'm still mad

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008

this post is strictly for venting.

i'm not blaming anyone besides myself for my very stupid mistake today, but still...i need to vent.

let me tell you a little story...the condensed version...

i had a session this morning at 9:30 am at university of michigan's campus in ann arbor. oh, by the way, parking is horrendous 99.35% of the time in this town. i am looking for parking and see this...

SWEET! an open meter! so i pull up, note the orange bag on the other side that says tow away zone and the handicapped sign right above it, and figure the "tow away zone handicapped zone" only applies to the orange bag side. the other meter is fair game...rock on.

jump out of car. insert money in meter. run to session.

session ends at 10:45 am. i go out to find NO CAR. this is where the panic began. why? because my wallet AND my phone were in the car that was apparently towed. i was stuck in a town where i didn't know a soul and the only phone number i had memorized was travis (in which he was an hour away from me at work).

hmmm. i looked at the sign above the meter again. oops. NOW i notice that the red arrow points in both directions, not just the orange bag side. insert swear word here.

can't call a cab...no money.

can't call for help...no phone and don't know any phone numbers.

i find the first innocent victim with a phone and commandeer it for a few moments trying to find out which towing company has my car. found it. scared boys with phone run away from the crazy lady on the verge of yelling and/or tears.

find another innocent victim with a phone. i am crying by now. i somehow remembered the phone number of the client i just did the session with and called it. humiliating? you don't even know. she came and picked me up and continued to drive me to the lot to get my purse out of the car, back to the police station to get a release, back to the towing company, and finally to the lot again to get my car).

three hours and $375 later, i got my piece of crap honda accord back.

$375!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you kidding me?!?!!?!

anyway, for those of you still here with me after this monster vent session...thank you. i needed that.

learn from my mistake (or should i say mistakes...does a shirtless jean in walmart ring a bell).

by the way, since when are there handicapped meters anyway. for crying out loud...


back from utah

>> Saturday, August 23, 2008

ugh...kind of sucks to get back to normal life after a vacation. don't get me wrong...we are excited to get back to a normal routine, our friends, and the rest of our michigan summer (so beautiful here). i'm talking about responsibility. housework. other work. you know...the stuff that's manageable while you are at home, but kind of hits you smack in the face when you get home from a vacation. enough about responsibility...let's talk utah...

as you may have read in my last post, we were without travis for most of the trip. although that part sucked (do i use that word too much on a family blog?), it did allow for some much needed time with just my boys and me. we played games, read stories in the hammock, went to lagoon, cherry hill, swimming, and miniature golfing. i love my monkeys!

on to family and friends...i love you all and miss you already! this trip was the most relaxing utah trip we have had in a while and it was wonderful to see everyone. my boys were in pure heaven spending so much time with both of their grandmas. it's pretty crazy how much they adore them. speaking of grandmas...i'll let you in on a little conversation from a car ride with kaleb, barrett, and grandma debbie (relayed to us later)...

kaleb: grandma, i can't wait to move back to utah
grandma: i know, i can't wait for you to move back
kaleb: i will probably have to wait until i am an adult to move back
grandma: yeah
kaleb: i don't know if i will have a wife and kids when i move back
grandma: hmmmm
kaleb: i will probably just wait until i get to utah to get a wife and kids so i don't have to buy them a plane ticket

kaleb overhead talking to barrett afterwards: no, barrett, you can't just find kids, you have to get a wife first and then find kids

when i got back, i very sadly realized that i took hardly any pictures of my kiddies while i was in utah. but, here are a few i did get of my boys doing what they do best...being crazy little boys!!!


10 years

>> Monday, August 11, 2008

what the?!?! that can't be right. i just checked on the last time i posted (before trav's last semi-rude post about me) and it said july 3rd. really? wow...this summer has been brutal on the smith spot blog.

enough about the "busyness" of this summer and straight to the point.

travis and i have been married TEN years today. if any of you know me, you know i am not one to write about mushy and personal things. but today, I DON'T CARE. i have been married to the most amazing person for ten years and i am going to shout it out to the world how much i love him!!! these ten years have flown by and if the next 60 years (actually, i hope i don't live that long) are anything like these last ten years, then i feel like the luckiest girl alive.

maybe my crazed love profession comes from the fact that our ten year anniversary is today and i am in UTAH and he is in MICHIGAN. how is that for SUCKY.

anyway, i love you trav and HAPPY TEN YEARS!!!

here's a picture from the oh-so-talented heather mickey from last week...she braved doing our 2008 smith family pictures...and did a FABULOUS job!


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