still kickin (literally)

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

yep...we're all still here! how does a month go by so quickly???

we just got back from utah to visit family and friends. well, i should say me and the three boys went to utah...travis ended up not being able to go at the last minute :(

the boys all did awesome on the plane to and from and everyone around me on the plane must have been expecting serious meltdowns with the pregnant mommy and three boys, because they all felt the need to come up to me after the flights and tell me what well behaved boys i have. oh brother!

anyway, it was so awesome to see everyone again and i'm so glad we were able to visit now... who knows when the next time will be...with the coming of a newborn and now that we will have to pay for isaac to fly (turns two next month). i brought my point and shoot camera and didn't even pull it out once...YIKES! thanks to my mom and allison for pulling out their cameras and giving me the only pictures that were taken while we were there.

me in all of my 28 weeks of pregnancy glory...pulling a really ugly face...

me and my chicks! we were missing a few, but i was so happy i could get together with my friends from high school for dinner. i love these girls and consider myself SO super lucky to have such wonderful friends!


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