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>> Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Had to post these just for the fun of it. We've given Isaac "real" food a couple of times, and man, is that kid happy.

He has always loved food and starts to dance (well, bounces around and flaps his arms vigorously) if he sees any non-baby food in sight.

Today, iI gave him some of my spaghetti at lunch. He loved it SO much. Just look at him concentrating (to make sure none would escape his mouth).

And do you want to see my canvas gallery wraps? I love them and want to fill my whole house with canvases (don't worry, i won't). Anyway, this is the wall above Isaac's head...aren't they fun?


Carrie 6:26 AM  

He is so cute! I can't believe how big he's getting.

Bonnie 9:11 AM  

Isaac is so sweet!
Oh and I love those canvas wraps...I've never seen that before!!

Rieck Family 9:22 AM  

K, so i love the canvas wraps. I have seen them before, but you definitely made them look so much cuter than the ones I saw. I love it!

GarrGroup 4:57 PM  

Love the canvas wraps!!! Love the updated blog too!

Mickey Family 6:28 PM  

ooh! your wraps look so great! Make sure none of that spaghetti gets gets thrown on them!!!

Sherwoods 11:03 AM  

Isaac is adorable. Why are you so creative? I need you to come decorate my house!

Amy & Greg 2:03 PM  

Wow!! Love those. Your kids are so lucky to have a mom who can really capture a moment. You make eating spaghetti look like an art! So cute!!

Joab Meyer 6:08 AM  

cute! Get that guy on a wrap!

Joy 2:03 PM  

He is so cute. Love the pictures. The wraps are so cool, I have never seen them before!

Lindsay 3:06 PM  

Jean Hey there I found you through Kelli's way not updated blog!! That girl... I was wondering if she was still alive. She is but her blog is not. Anyways will you be my photography friend?! I am way into it. Your pictures are awesome and kids too.

Cathy Duffy 9:15 AM  

i love it when they can start eating real food! Issac is so cute :)

Anonymous 7:46 PM  

Oh my heck he is so big...and so freakin cute! How is it that all your kids look so completely different! Love it! Oh and the canvas wraps are adorable! I may just have to order some from you for our house! Hope everything is going good! Love ya!

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