>> Monday, February 25, 2008

Forget family life for one post...let's talk TV.

Ok, so I am not much of a TV watcher, but there are two shows that I like...well, that I love...OK, that I am OBSESSED with. Those shows would be American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. Of course, everyone knows what American Idol is, but do any of you watch So You Think You Can Dance (it is on the summer) is the best show EVER.

Anyway, since Travis does not share my American Idol obsession...he actually detests it...then I must find others who like it! Are any of you watching it this season? It's still kind of early for me to choose favorites, but I've got my eye on a few of them. How do you choose...there are so many good ones! By the way...did you know that these two...Brooke White and David Archuleta...are mormons? They are both really good! you know I am an American Idol groupie. I'm not ashamed.



>> Monday, February 18, 2008

I am still in a bit of a shock that I am now the owner of an eight year old. WHAT? When did that happen and where did the time go?

Kaleb's birthday was last Monday, February 11th. We celebrated as a family by going out for pizza, bowling (which, by the way, i received my highest score ever...but i won't steal kaleb's i SERIOUSLY bragging about a bowling score...i am pathetic) and having cake and ice cream.

We continued with the festivities on Saturday with a friend birthday party. Can you guess the theme? LEGOS (of course)! So, after a lego treasure hunt, lego races, and lego tower building, i think the party turned out to be a success.

I know, it's got to be the worst looking cake ever...cake decorating definitely isn't my specialty. But, PLEASE tell me you can at least tell it's a giant lego.

My baby is 8...sniff sniff

Am I the only mom in the world who has the kids pull funny faces instead of smiling? You should try it...the kids practically run to get in the picture if you tell them they don't have to pose and smile...hee hee!

Ok, looks like a normal party photo with the boys all watching Kaleb open presents, right? Well, as soon as I saw the picture, I started giggling...DEJA VU! Scroll down to see what it reminded me of...

Ha ha...remember this? A little kaleb in the middle surrounded by a sea of dark heads while in china!



CAUTION: mushiness ahead

>> Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ok, so I have been "tagged" twice by this one. I have never done one of these tagging things, but this one is a must! So, don't read on if you don't want to bored by my tribute to Travis...

How long have you been together? TEN YEARS on August 12th!
How long did you date? Ten months from the time we met until the time we got married.
How old is he? 31
Who eats more? Food...Travis. Treats...ME.
Who said I love you first? Travis. Scared me to death. But, I came around.
Who is taller? Travis...three inches (he would tell you 3 1/2)
Who sings better? Me, although we both pretty much suck. BUT, in Trav's defense, he can karaoke a mean version of "Pour Some Sugar On Me."
Who is smarter? Travis...can't even argue that one.
Who does the laundry? ME
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? ME...I try to be spontaneous and switch sides for a night, but he won't have it.
Who pays the bills? Me...oh wait...Travis fired me from that job and now he does it.
Who mows the lawn? Don't know yet...first house that we have ever had to mow our own lawn...we'll find out this summer!
Who cooks dinner? Mostly me, but Travis is the better cook...hands down!
Who drives when you are together? I can put on my makeup, make phone calls, beat the kids, you know...multitasking.
Who is more stubborn? Hate to admit that we are equally stubborn.
Who kissed who first? Travis kissed me on our second date
Who asked who out? Travis asked me out...I still remember him leaning over the Circuit City counter acting ever so suave (his friends STILL tease him about it).
Who proposed? of the most amazing days of my life.
Who is more sensitive? Me. ALTHOUGH, you get him in front of a heart warming or sad movie, and the tears are just-a-flowin!
Who has more friends? What kind of question is this? Travis and I like to compete, but come on...who has the most friends??? My friends are his friends and vice versa.
Who wears the pants in the family? Isaac...he has us wrapped around his pinkie.

I'm not usually one to open my heart to the public, but there are way too many things to be grateful for when talking about Travis. He has so many wonderful talents and qualities...I am amazed by him and am so lucky to have him in my life. Honestly, how could I NOT love this...


sorry, too cute

>> Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Had to post these just for the fun of it. We've given Isaac "real" food a couple of times, and man, is that kid happy.

He has always loved food and starts to dance (well, bounces around and flaps his arms vigorously) if he sees any non-baby food in sight.

Today, iI gave him some of my spaghetti at lunch. He loved it SO much. Just look at him concentrating (to make sure none would escape his mouth).

And do you want to see my canvas gallery wraps? I love them and want to fill my whole house with canvases (don't worry, i won't). Anyway, this is the wall above Isaac's head...aren't they fun?


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