>> Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Monday morning.
We are driving to school and it is a bit foggy that morning. We are driving up the street and come upon this sight. Kaleb practically jumps out of seat.
Kaleb: LOOK! It's beatiful...it's heaven! Mom, take a picture of heaven!
Me thinking: Ohhh, he's so precious...and lucky that I DO happen to have my camera here.
Kaleb: I want to be sucked up to heaven through that heaven portal!
Precious moment ruined. Oh well, there's heaven from a little boy's point of view.


Melissa 11:10 AM  

Oh, it's soo pretty! kids are so cute huh?

Bonnie 2:48 PM  

Oh I love the picture! That's beatiful! And what you wrote just cracked me up. :) I love it.


Brett and Meredith 3:14 PM  
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Brett and Meredith 3:16 PM  

Jean, that is so darling...and to think you've captured that moment forever..once again, you are amazing.

Danny, Andrea, and Connor 8:58 PM  

Great photo! I love the vocab on that kid. Of course with Kaleb it would be a "portal"! Have you had his IQ tested yet?

Meyers_in_China 5:18 AM  

very nice. Hello from Shanghai! I also loved the boys on their first day of school! Em

danheid 5:19 PM  

I love looking at those trees up there. Andrea was laughing at the computer and I had to come see what she was laughing at. Of course it would be Kaleb!

We saw a license plate from Brighton, Mich yesterday. I stopped them to see if they knew you, but alas, the hadn't had any rockets land in their yard!

Mike and Joy 11:32 PM  

Well, at least he didn't asked to be sucked down in the Hell portal. I think it's sweet...yet hilarious. You are funny, Jean.
Oh and that picture is glorious!

Rieck Blog 8:38 PM  

That's hilarious!!! We miss you guys!!

Ken Duffy 5:23 PM  

Ingenious! Who would ever have guessed in a million years that Heaven is in MICHIGAN???? Or even the Midwest in general! Brilliant . . . beautiful picture by the way.

Amy & Greg 1:14 PM  

Awesome!! I love it.

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