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>> Monday, June 18, 2007

Hello from Michigan! We are finally here and trying to get used to our new life as Midwesterners! I feel like we haven't been able to keep in the best of contact with everyone over the last two months, so I will back up a bit and update you on everything.

Of course you all know we welcomed Isaac to the world two months ago and then Travis graduated from Thunderbird two weeks later. This is where I pick up the story. We packed up our apartment and made the trek up to Utah where we would stay for a month. Good bye Arizona and all of our was hard to say goodbye!

While we were in Utah, we were busy, busy, busy! Unfortunately, remodeling our condo to sell it took up a lot of our spare time. Note to self: Never start a remodeling project to be done in a short amount of time if you just want to relax and enjoy family and friends. Seriously, thanks to our wonderful mothers who helped us out SOOO much while we were there! Here are some pics of some of things we did...

Trav and some of our friends ran the Ogden Marathon as a relay team (supergirl Holly in the middle ran it on her own and qualified for the Boston Marathon...yay!). Do not question the sanity of the fella in the middle with the tight tank top, hot pink shorts, and mile high spiked hair. That there is our friend, Jason, who is always making us laugh with his crazy ideas. Yep, he got quite a few second looks that day!

We went on a camping/rock climbing trip in May to City of Rocks, Idaho with our friends. It was Isaac's first official trip. We had a lot of fun and the boys attempted their first ever climbs!

At the beginning of June, my family and I went to San Antonio, Texas to see my little brother, Steve, graduate from Air Force Basic Training. It was a really cool experience...Go Steve!

Sweet little Isaac hanging out with Grandma Liz in Texas.
Ok, so now we're to the present. We moved to Michigan about a week and a half ago. It all went pretty smooth. I'm sure we were a sight to see in the airport juggling our three children, ten pieces of luggage, and several carry on bags! We had to bring the max amount of luggage we could because we will just be living out of that for a couple of months until our house is done being built and the rest of our stuff is moved here from Utah.

Our builder has been great to work with and offered to let us live in one of his brand new condos rent-free until our home is done. So, this is where we are at right now...

Here is Kaleb and the baby...the boys are still loving Isaac so much and always want to hold and love him (sometimes a little too much)!

Our boys have easily adjusted to their new life here. Kaleb and Barrett are such good, little boys and find fun anywhere they go. I'm just so grateful they have each other. As far as Isaac goes, I'm just not sure what we did to deserve such a good baby. His mission right now is to eat, sleep, and entertain. That kid smiles more than any baby I've ever seen! He is so much fun! Here are just some random pictures of the boys having fun in the sprinklers at our house.
Last but not least, here is Travis and the boys on Father's Day. I look at this picture and seriously can't believe I am completely surrounded by boys!!! Oh well, life is great...
Ok, everyone, please keep in touch! We need it more than ever now! Even though China was so far away, we knew it was temporary. But, our move is for real this time and not so temporary! Hugs and kisses!!!


Mike and Joy 2:27 PM  

Isaac is so beautiful! I think he has already changed so much. Thanks for putting up the new pictures. Congrats on the move, I hope you are adjusting well. Can't wait to see pics of the new house!

Meyers_in_China 4:05 PM  

Issac is so big already! Enjoy the midwest for us: sweet corn, 4th of July, ice cream on hot days! So many great memories of summer growing up!

Thanks for bloggin!

Holli 3:22 PM  

Jean I wish I could take as good of pictures as yours, do you constantly take pictures or just whenever? It feels like I don't have quite so many of gracie and sayler anymore. Partly because there is such a huge delay on most digitals and I always miss the moment a little. Any way the boys are growin so much we miss you guys a lot!!

Ken Duffy 6:31 PM  

Hi guys

Amy & Greg 3:13 PM  

Oh, Jean. I hope I got in the right line in heaven and get so many boys like you. It just looks like so much fun. You make it sound glamorous.

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