China Photo Shoot

>> Friday, June 23, 2006

Hello all! I am giving you a picture overload this time. Everywhere we go, I see perfect settings for pictures. Sooooo...last week I dressed up my boys (all three of them) and we went to Chaoyang Park and Temple of Heaven for some photo shoots. Don't think this was an easy task...I had to bribe Kaleb and Barrett with treats and a small prize for cooperating. They are such good sports! By the way, only half the "candid" shots were set up...the rest were real...imagine that.

I know I am setting myself up for remarks from some of you, but hey, I have already endured the many years of teasing about my constant picture taking. What can I say, I LOVE IT! I always have my camera with me when we go to the park by our apartment. In a country like this, there are several perfect picture moments. An ancient, darling old man approached me the other day and tried to make conversation in his broken English. He proceeded to tell me "you here many times...we say you Camera Lady." So, there you go...even on the other side of the world, I am teased about my camera always in hand.

Travis might kill me for putting this one on here, but it's not his fault. I made him do it and I loved the picture!


Anonymous 1:39 PM  

Where did my comment go? I left one earlier & it's gone. But Jean, seriously, I didn't know you were so good at taking pictures! They're awesome, but it helps when you have such a cute family. Are you guys coming back to Utah to visit anytime soon? Bonnie

Anonymous 1:40 PM  

I'm a little slow, I guess I just previewed my message earlier & forgot to publish it. Duh! I'm not so good at this stuff.

Anonymous 11:38 PM  

Love the family pictures. So cute. Jean, you are getting so good at taking great pictures. Fun memories!
Love Mom

Anonymous 8:26 PM  

Ohhh you so good camera lady tooo!
Priceless pics. We miss ya:)


Meyers_in_China 11:04 PM  

i love them!

Anonymous 2:48 PM  

Hey Jean, You should start a business when you get back!! Especially since you love taking pictures so much. Those pictures were awesome. I'll be your first customer and hire you to do my kids. We miss you guys. Tell Kaleb and Barrett Hi from Denver.

giznickity 10:52 PM  

Great looking snaps. Those boys are getting so big that I can hardly tell them apart. Hope all is well, and I look forward to seeing you.

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