>> Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Becks will be two in June, so it's a BIT delayed that I am just barely getting to his one year old "day in the life" images. But, he was too cute not to share. Call it the "youngest child sydrome," but he is the family clown and is loved beyond measure around our house.

You can view the other boys "Day in the Life" images HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Joy 6:00 PM  

He is yummy with a capital Y U M. Love him!

Jill Oyler 8:16 PM  

He is absolutely adorable. What a treasure of memories. Thank you so much for sharing them. I miss seeing your family but since I've sort of been working with Debbie I get to hear about your family. By the way, your other children are keepers too! Thanks again.

Rieck Family 4:18 PM  

He is sooo cute!! I hear you guys are coming to Utah in July?? Is that right. I think I may attempt the 5k!!!!

Nick and Maddy Winward 10:05 PM  

What a handsome guy!

Jessica 3:44 PM  

He's a super cutie. You should tell your kids not to be scared of us next time y'll come out. :)

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